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Sigma Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher
Mayıs 9,2020 0

Sigma Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher

Sigma Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher is built to have a durable, reliable and innovative modern design to provide maximum comfort for the patient and ease of use on personnel.  

With several smart features, this stretcher will a support to make a rough situation to a smoother one. The strong mechanical component of the stretcher allows for an easy adjustment all around. Height adjustment and Trendelenburg movements can be adjusted with dual hydraulic column which works telescopically in terms of stability and robustness. 

 With the pedals/pumps that are located on both sides of the stretcher, it is easy to maneuver the stretcher to have it move up or down. The padded headrest move up to 62 ° and this movement is secured at the desired point by 2 pieces of gas springs located at the head end of the stretcher.

The Sigma Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher has 2 pieces of metal, lockable, fully foldable railings next to the mattress. The specially designed rails don’t allow for any possibility of finger jam.

The lying surface of the stretcher is made of X-Ray permeable HPL (Compact Laminate) material. The stretcher is under protection with galvanized steel construction and electrostatic powder coating against corrosion and has a fully anti-bacterial and easily cleanable structure. With a water- resistant, air- permeable, anti-bacterial, and flexible mattress cover it makes the Sigma Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher state of the art. 


Castors with 200mm diameter, central brake swivel 360 °

Brake pedals located at 4 corners.

5th Castor Provides easy spin at the corners. 

Licensed hydraulic pumps for height adjustment.

Oxygen cylinder receptacle on bearing bottom chassis.

Drainage Hangers are available on both sides of stretcher.

X- Ray Cassette slot under entire proximity of the stretcher.

IV Pole hangers available in all 4 corners

Removable, metal holding bar with hygienic design at the foot end

Folding, metal holding bar with hygienic design at the head end.

Mattress holder iron both at the head and foot end to prevent slipping of the mattress.