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Avangarde Blood Transfusion Chair
Mayıs 9,2020 0

Avangarde Blood Transfusion Chair

Archimed Avangarde Blood Transfusion Chair is designed for blood transfusion, hemodialysis, eye operations, skin care, body care, epilation, ozone therapy, oncology and other medical aesthetic operations.

This unique chair consists of 3 main parts, the back rest, seat and leg rest. These parts have several movements in which the back rest and leg rest can be adjusted up and down by 4 DC motors with the use of the handset. While in a laying bed position, the chair can be adjusted back to a Trendelenburg Position as well as a reverse Trendelenburg position.

Avangarde Blood Transfusion Chair provides maximum comfort to the patient with its innovative orthopedic design. The cushion of the chair has a suitable hardness and upholstery made of leatherette to provide for an easy cleanable, waterproof surface. The steel construction is painted with electrostatic powder coating and protected with galvanize against corrosion. This construction is then covered with anti- bacterial and easily cleanable ABS plastic which makes the chair more aesthetically pleasing.

Armrests of the chair can be fixed and adjusted manually and can be easily removed if desired. The armrests will automatically move with the backrest and the armrest will stay parallel to the ground.

The chair comes in 16 different color options to have a personal touch.